Innovation and Excellence

The directors of Steel Core Designs Ltd. have over 45 years of experience working in the defence industry, designing and manufacturing precision rifles for the civilian, law enforcement and military sectors.

We have used our experience to create new and exciting tactical rifle designs; offering unrivalled accuracy, comfort, ease of operation and above all safety. The Thunderbolt rifle offers some unique features as well as using a proven 4-lug bolt locking system, with a unique and innovative firing pin system. Computer 3D modelling, CNC machining techniques and materials make this our strongest, safest and most reliable action ever.


Steel Core Designs was conceived and born to serve our need for independence from corporate life and allow us the freedom to express ourselves without judgment. We want our customers to be comfortable and happy in the knowledge they are dealing with dedicated competent professionals, with the highest integrity. Our customers place their trust in us to deliver “on time” to the “highest quality standards” and “on budget” it is our goal to ensure this trust is not misplaced.

Our strength is unity of purpose, achieved and nurtured by trusting and actively encouraging employee participation, thereby motivating and challenging them to strive for their own personal development and fulfillment. We pride ourselves on being innovative, creative designers and manufacturers of the highest quality products serving the law enforcement, military, and sporting market sectors. It is our aspiration to be the best, I believe we excel.

– Michael Cherry C.E.O

The Factory

Steel Core Factory
Steel Core Factory
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308 Std Thunderbolt Low Res


Cyclone Lsr


Hurricane Scaled


Hsr Gun Scaled